The Wiko T50 is still a pretty good handset for 2023. Here’s why

You couldn’t deny that bezel-less display gets immersive when you use it.

Last month, we reviewed the Wiko T50. It’s actually Wiko’s most powerful offering as of late (not until the Wiko 5G arrives). There were a lot of things we said about the device and even if there are already several newcomers this month, and even more so next month, you should still check out the Wiko T50 for these reasons:

Tall, nearly bezel-less screen makes watching movies immersive.

We’re probably like a broken record but let me repeat this again: the Wiko T50 has a solid display, occupying almost 95% of the handset. It is a curved 6.6-inch FullHD+ IPS LCD screen with decent brightness even when outdoors and decent colour reproduction. Its only real downside is the lack of a high refresh rate. If you’re into watching movies, this phone should be on your wishlist.

French standards, Classy design

One of the main featurettes of Wiko’s arrival in the Philippines is their beautiful design. WIko is the first European smartphone maker that hit the Philippine market. While owned by Chinese Tinno, its headquarters are located in France, and the company embodies its french origins through their smartphone designs. The Wiko 10, the company’s latest release in the Philippines, shows this influence even further.

The glossy back might be not everyone’s cup of tea but there are people that would gladly appreciate the simple, minimalistic look that is not flashy. There are two colours. We suggest going for the Emerald Green colour because that’s the company’s signature colour. Here, we have a Black colour and even that looks pretty.

64MP Sony IMX682 Primary Camera captures vibrant images

The Wiko T50 features three cameras, and the primary camera takes great images thanks to its sensor. We love how accurate the colours are in each image, and how detailed they can be. An avid photographer would definitely have one of these on the sidelines. The phone can also record FullHD video, and through a third-party camera app, even 4K.

We do have some noteworthy samples. Check them out below!

Let’s also not forget the 8MP ultrawide which also takes good images during the day. Also, its 16MP selfie camera has a wide angle but with inconsistent quality. However, it’s still a good phone to use for everyday social media posting.

Stock Android makes performance buttery smooth

The phone also has some power going for it. Inside you will find a MediaTek Helio G85 chipset paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. While it does not have any MicroSD Card slot, it will still have more space than the usual skinned phone because the phone has almost zero bloatware aside from the usual Google apps you use.

And thanks to that, the phone is optimized. The chipset may be a little dated but MediaTek has been hard at work optimizing it, and it shows here. Every game we played, even Genshin Impact, managed to be playable on the Wiko T50, and competitive games like Mobile Legends and League of Legends Wild Rift had buttery smooth performance. Heck, if you’re a competitive Mobile Legends player, the phone has ULTRA settings and HIGH REFRESH RATE to boot.

If you’re more into games, chances are, you will love this handset. While you do not get things like Virtual RAM and a game assistant, one will appreciate the beauty of stock Android and the experience of a pure lag-free skinless OS.

We also tested it through different benchmarking tools. Refer below for the scores.

  • AnTuTu: 229,607
  • GeekBench
    • Single Core: 343
    • Multi-Core: 1293

40W Fast Charging! Charge with a blink of an eye.

Oh no! You forgot to charge your phone last night and the battery is nearly dead. Luckily you’re covered. Wiko has bundled the proprietary 40W charger alongside the phone, so you don’t have to worry about losing that important charge on a hasty day. Our record shows that the phone charges from empty to full within an hour. That’s pretty fast for an average user. This definitely compensates for the somewhat small 4000mAh battery inside.

Never worry about dead batteries again thanks to this nifty feature. It’s also rare to see it within its price range by the way.


Wiko T50 Lazada listing

The phone is pretty common throughout malls where a Wiko kiosk is available. You may be also able to spot it through third-party stores like MemoExpress. If you prefer buying online, it’s available for Php 11,990 on Lazada and Shopee. The price may look expensive especially if you only judge through its chipset, but overall, it’s a pretty good investment. We also forgot to mention that the phone does receive security updates, so not only you have an awesome miniature monitor but also you’re secure from malicious files.

Let us know if you have purchased or you are about to purchase the device. Let us know about your opinion through the comment section.