BPI is currently reversing duplicate transactions

This is the primary reason why, as of January 4, 2023, 1:17 PM PST, BPI is down

On Wednesday, 4th January, multiple BPI Clients raised concerns about unauthorized withdrawals on their accounts, sometimes even big ones, credited to their accounts.

A user on Facebook, named Joarra Galang Solis, posted that her account suddenly got deducted from the 0431 Debit Memo. The post went viral and also, and coincidentally, the BPI Mobile app and Online portals were down as well.

BPI has already responded to the issue. “Some ATM, CAM deposits, POS, and e-commerce debit transactions from Dec. 30 to 31, 2022 were posted twice. We are already working to reverse the duplicate transactions. Rest assured that your account is safe and secure” BPI President and CEO Jose Teodoro ‘TG’ Limcaoco said.

Currently stuck at the log-in page

We tried accessing the BPI Mobile as well. As of 1:26PM, the app is currently inaccessible. BPI also said that the issue would be fixed within the day. For now, try using other banks or e-wallets for a safer transaction.

Source: ANC