Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip sold well to financial businesses and enterprises

The company projects that demand for foldable devices will increase and that enterprises would fully adopt them.

Samsung has posted its YoY sales for the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold devices for enterprise users. Their report states that these devices sold more than double its expected sales, from January to October 2022. This led to a 105% increase in demands compared to the same period last year.

Samsung expects that 76 million foldable smartphones would be shipped on a year on year basis, that’s a 73% increase YoY. The company’s financial report stated that these foldable handsets have attracted the financial services industry in particular.

“Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones were created to open up opportunities for new ways to
work and explore creativity,”
said KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B Team, MX Business at
Samsung Electronics. “This rapid growth in investment demonstrates our enterprise customers’ need
for meaningful innovations to enhance workforce productivity.”

To recall, Samsung recently released the fourth generation Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. The Z Fold4 was noted for its large screen that folds horizontally, so it can transform into a tablet. With an increased demand for a “work-from-anywhere” scenario, foldable phones are just the key to that.

The Galaxy Z Fold4’s expansive screen makes it an ideal multitasking powerhouse of a phone. And because it is a foldable handset, it can also be used like a phone, so it’s two things in one.

The Z Fold4 features Samsung’s DEX, an app that can turn your tablet into a landscape orientation that simulates that of desktop computers. It also has keyboard and stylus support, and the PC-like taskbar allows for seamless switching between multiple apps. The tablet can support three apps at once.

Flex Mode is a hands-free mode best used with major video conferencing tools, and this feature is readily available on the Z Fold4.

According to a survey, Bloomberg Professional is the most used financial services app and it is used by financial experts like traders, analysts, and portfolio managers. The app takes advantage of the Z Fold’s unique form factor and hence why it is widely used, it’s optimized for the Fold.

Document signing is also another thing to look out for, and with the S-Pen support the Fold has, it has never gotten easier. DocuSign is the recommended app by Samsung and it is already optimized for Android 12L. It is used by 24 of 25 Fortune 500 businesses. Drag and drop email attachments to docusign to make it easier for you to add your signatures to them.

And finally, in collaboration with IBM, the company has helped financial advisors quickly access market and portfolio information, in real time. This is thanks to the IBM iX platform, the experience design partner with IBM consulting.