ASUS ROG Phone 6 Diablo Immortal edition will set your gaming experience TO HELL!

ASUS has been partnering up with several known franchises lately, and this is the second time the company made a limited-edition theme phone. The first was with Batman.

This time, the company has partnered with Diablo Immortal to make its second limited-edition phone with the ROG Phone 6,

Aside from the Diablo Immortal theme, the phone is essentially identical to a regular ROG Phone 6 internally. Externally, this phone has a hellish red design at the back with an exclusive Aura RGB Logo, Diablo silhouette, and the game’s logo.

Opening up the phone will greet you with a modified ROGUI based on Diablo Immortal. It comes with special animations, icons, images, wallpapers, and sound effects. The box it comes with is based on the game’s Horadic Cube. Inside is a smaller box containing the popular Worldstone Shard which fans will instantly recognize. You will also be able to find the map of the Sanctuary World and the torch of King Fahir.

While available now in the US for USD 1,299 (~Php 74.4K), the phone is yet to become available in the Philippines. Sorry Diablo fans, guess we’ll have to wait.

Source: ASUS ROG