MediaTek announces the Kompanio 520 and 528 for entry-level Chromebooks

Chromebooks are just PC-version Android phones after all, perfect in class, not in everything else

Chromebooks… a niche group of computers that aren’t as big as Windows or Mac but they have been proven useful because ChromeOS and Android are related to each other so it’s perfect in a classroom environment. Also, Chromebooks tend to be cheaper than most Windows mainstream laptops.

MediaTek has joined the race in making quality Chromebooks and they just announced two entry-level chipsets, the Kompanio 520 and 528. These are designed for performance in entry-level Chromebooks so they run smoothly.

These two chipsets are highly identical to each other, the Kompanio 520 and 528 feature two Cortex-A76 CPU cores with an octa-core CPU and a crispy new dual-core GPU. The main difference is that the 520 runs at 2GHz while the 528 runs at 2.2GHz. MediaTek also said these two are designed with battery efficiency in mind, so you can keep working for longer.

Manufacturers can also opt to pair these Kompanio chipsets with MediaTek’s Filogic modem with Wi-Fi 6 capability for a dependable and quick connectivity, however the internet speeds depend on the area you’re on, but when attempting to connect to a network, it’s guaranteed to be fast.

Cameras are not usually a priority, being a laptop and all, but MediaTek did not cut corners, the chipset supports up to 32MP camera. High MP cameras are mostly available on phones so this is an odd feature, but a welcome one. After all, you do need a bright and high-quality camera for conference calls. In addition, the new chipsets now support 1080p@60fps video recording and H.265 hi-res codec.

For the storage side of things, the GPU inside is a Mali-G52, and supports a 3733Mbps LPDDR4X RAM, eMMC 5.1 internal storage. In terms of display, there is a support for up to 2520x1080px 60Hz displays.

These will be available starting next year, and you might start seeing Kompanio Chromebooks being marketed in stores near you.