Xiaomi to finally remove ads on MIUI 14

Maybe next, try making the UI stable for real?

MIUI is Xiaomi’s very own fork of Android. It’s known for being friendly toward the custom ROM community. Xiaomi after all, started as a custom ROM maker for other smartphones that port its older MIUI onto those phones before it made its own. Nowadays, the ROM is an Android skin criticized for its instability, bugs, and a huge number of baked ads onto many, many of its apps.

Xiaomi may be finally resolving the latter. Xiaomi shows ads in its UI as a means to earn more revenue while also maintaining their phones’ dirt-cheap pricing. With this move, expect Xiaomi phones to be more expensive, but also, less annoying. You can’t really have both.

The report came from Chinese website MyDrivers. Xiaomi’s strategy switched from focusing on the niche techy people to a more general audience, and removing ads is its way of making first-time users familiarize themselves with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is also removing more bloated apps which wer initiated in MIUI 12 and continued to MIUI 13. In China, MIUI has fewer bloated apps than Samsung’s OneUI and even iOS. There were only 7 pre-installed apps all in all in the Chinese version, including the camera, gallery, and phone app.

In addition to this bold move, there would also be additional improvements such as a ‘folder mode’, a simplified version of casting, and improved clock and weather apps.

Xiaomi will release MIUI 14 around the end of this month, along with Xiaomi 13 (when they just released the Xiaomi 12 and 12S series), so we may know more about the new version very soon.

Source: GizChina