Converge increases the speed of its residential fiber plans!

Double the speed from 100Mbps to 200Mbps! *Terms and conditions apply

Converge has recently updated its residential plans. Now, all subscribers of the FiberX 1500 will now be able to receive up to 200Mbps speeds! Twice compared to 100Mbps from the first revised plan, and four times since the original 50Mbps coverage!

Converge FiberX newly updated plans

However, please take note there are some considerations to see. Most likely, you will not receive the entire 200Mbps speeds but rather speeds close to it. That is still highly impressive and affordable for Philippine internet standards. Also, those who are subscribed to FiberX 2500 will now get up to 600Mbps speeds, from 300. Other plans remain the same.

Reading below the website, Converge stated that users will get a 30% minimum speed from the plan they have chosen, along with 80% reliability. Also, you are locked-in with them within a period of 24 months. These conditions apply to all current plans.

The newly introduced plan here is the FiberX 7,499 perfect for businesses and computer shops. Here, you can now get up to 1Gbps speeds. Imagine downloading GTA V and then it finished within a few minutes. Isn’t that insane?

During the first nine months of the year, Converge accumulated a 30% increase in revenue from Php 18.8 billion to Php 24.5 billion.

As of September 2022, Converge currently has 1,845,612 subscribers, 16% more versus the same month last year.

Source: Converge ICT