Samsung, Megapixels don’t mean better quality. It’s excessive. 200MP ISOCELL HPX announced

Yet still falls behind Sony’s 50MP IMX766

Samsung announced another CMOS sensor with a very high MP count, the 200MP ISOCELL HPX. It is a 0.56µm pixel module that allows it to be more compact. Its size is 20% smaller than its predecessors. This smaller size allows smartphone manufacturers to design phones with a smaller and less extruding camera bump.

It has a 16-to-1 pixel binning technology which Samsung calls “Tetra Pixel”. Meaning, it can capture 16 pixels and then merge these into one big pixel. Through its three different lighting modes, the sensor can quickly adapt to the lighting environment. One advantage of pixel-binning is better low light output as the sensor will take a single image and then copy this same-quality image multiple times, resulting in a very detailed photo.

While higher MP doesn’t mean better quality, the fact that it can capture details meant it allowed for lossless zoom making it a perfect alternative for periscopic telephoto cameras. The ISOCELL HPX also uses the Super QPD autofocus system. This technology overlays four adjacent pixels to achieve ultrafast and ultra-precise focusing.

The sensor also uses Samsung’s proprietary Advanced Deep Trench Isolation technology that separates each pixel individually. It also allows for the capturing of vibrant, sharp images by boosting camera sensitivity.

The sensor can record up to 8K@30fps video and also supports Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF). It also allows for dual HDR 4K and 1080p video. This allows for an excellently balanced dynamic range. Staggered HDR, according to Samsung, processes photos and movies using three exposure types (low, mid, and high) that allow the sensor to catch shadows and light according to the situation at hand. Once all these are processed, it will merge all three exposure types to create the best possible HDR pictures and movies.

Other specs include 14-bit colour depth and over 4 trillion colour support, which is a staggering 64x more colour and depth support over the previous 200MP sensor, the ISOCELL HP3

Source: Samsung (in Chinese)