Scam Countermeasures: Globe to block hyperlinks to prevent misclicks and scams.

Scammers can find a way, they are scammers after all. However, it’s still a preventive measure.

Due to the mass resurgence of text scams, most probably due to contact tracing and through the use of e-wallets which requires phone numbers to send money, Globe has announced that the company will temporarily block hyperlinks on text messages which cover all networks.

“Before implementing this measure, what we were doing was blocking access to malicious links in text messages to help protect customers. This time around, we’re blocking the actual message. If the SMS has a link of any kind, we are not going to deliver it, period. This is necessary to protect our customers” said Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio

Globe justified this action by saying it is needed to protect its 92 million subscriber base and 66 million more that use its e-wallet platform GCash. Bonifacio is hopeful that this measure would prevent the problem from spreading further and attacking more victims.

The telecoms network is working closely with the government and lawmakers to further strengthen its security. Furthermore, it has supported the rectified SIM Registration Bill which could become law this year.

Source: GizGuidePH