Amazon will now let you ship to the Philippines FOR FREE!

Just in time for the Shopee fiasco

Amazon HQ in Seattle, Washington, United States

While everyone is arguing why Lazada is better than Shopee or why Toni Gonzaga is the current ambassador for Shopee, e-commerce giant Amazon stepped in to say hello to everyone in the Philippines. Today, it has announced that the company now has FREE SHIPPING in the Philippines.

How do I pay for items on Amazon?

To pay for items on Amazon, you need a credit or debit card. Cash-on-Delivery is not available as Amazon has no offices available in the country yet. You can pay using e-Wallets like GCash or Maya sure but you’re going to need the card that’s associated with them. In the case of GCash, it’s Mastercard. And for Maya, Visa.

Where does the FREE SHIPPING apply?

“International Free Shipping to Philippines is available on eligible products with total order value of USD 49 or more,” Amazon said. So if you order an item worth Php3,000 equivalent, you can have your products shipped for free.

Of course, not all items are eligible for free shipping. According to Amazon, you need to look for the “FREE Shipping to Philippines” tag. If you have at least one item in your cart that fits the criteria above, then your order is eligible for free shipping.

How about Import Duties/Taxes and Promos?

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is a phone not available in the Philippines. The item is eligible for free shipping on October 26th

Most of the price drops happen on Black Friday Sales that occur in the US and it happens every November. And speaking of import duties, in 2016, the Bureau of Customs enacted a policy that states that items priced less than Php10,000 (~USD 166.70) are free from taxes. So if you’re planning to buy an item that has a larger price tag than Php10,000, then you may need to reassess and carefully check first if there are other places to buy that are convenient and much more affordable, unless you really need that specific item and it’s not available in the Philippines.

Should I worry about customs?

Thankfully you don’t have to. Items are delivered directly through your door much like Lazada and Shopee. Just simply enter your delivery address upon checkout or within the app or website’s settings and you’re good to go.

How long will my order be delivered?

The delivery time depends on your location and the availability of the item. Usually, Amazon allocates 1 month for your order to be delivered but it can arrive earlier than that. Some of our colleagues reported that their items delivered within a week or two from the day of purchase.

Hopefully, this clears some of the questions you may have. For more info, you can refer to this page from Amazon.