IDC: Cherry Mobile has the largest market share for tablets in the Philippines!

This is due in part to their contributions to public schools nationwide.

Cherry Mobile Flare Tab Ultra, one of Cherry’s latest tablets

IDC has released its report about tablet sales in the second quarter of 2022. In their report, Cherry Mobile has taken the cake for the biggest market share in the Philippine tablet shares totaling 30.9%. It’s actually pretty good to see a local manufacturer being very competitive against the gigantic foreign players.

The most significant contribution to this strangely high market share was Cherry’s distribution of their tablets to Local Government Units and DepEd. This distribution is part of the government’s plan to help shift students into online learning without having the students or their parents buying their own tablet. Tablets can be pricey after all.

According to the IDC, the Philippine tablet share grew exponentially as their demand increased due to online classes and work-from-home ethics as brought by the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago. It grew as much as 40.1% on a YoY basis and 22.4% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) as the new school year begins.

IDC also noted that the demand for Chromebooks may also grow following this, as they become more accepted into schools and institutions. “With Chromebooks now listed as approved devices for use in public schools and telecommunications companies investing in the infrastructure needed to support organizations in their cloud transformation journey, we may see vendors delivering ChromeOS-based devices in the near future,” said Angela Medez, Senior Market Analyst at IDC Philippines.

The chart above shows how far Cherry has come and has blazed behind all other foreign giants thanks to their contribution to schools nationwide which are mostly public. Even Samsung only garnered 17.8% of the market share.

Source: IDC