MediaTek releases the T830 connectivity chip with a small and compact design!

It is intended for more reliable and faster 5G speeds for wireless hotspots

Mediatek has announced the T830 platform for 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) routers and mobile hotspots to satisfy the needs of the ever-growing 5G industry. This chipset is built upon MediaTek’s M80 modem which supports the advanced Release 16 capabilities for sub-6GHz operations.

The newly released connectivity chipset is also power-saving and compactly designed. This effectively reduces manufacturing costs and development time, and due to its small size, manufacturers can fit more parts inside their devices. In addition, the T830 can deliver up to 7Gbps 5G speeds. This is done through its sub-6Ghz cellular infrastructure that also eliminates the need to use wire-based tech such as fiber optic cables. Wireless connections also eliminate the need to install lengthy cables around the home.

“As the leader in 5G CPE solutions, MediaTek is working with Tier-1 operators around the world to bring fast, reliable connectivity to consumers and businesses,” said JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s wireless communications business unit. “This highly integrated platform represents the latest advancements in both 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity and enables our customers to build extremely high-performance multi-gigabit 5G CPE products in the smallest form factors possible.” 

It also supports 4G and Bluetooth 5 connectivity, in addition to its very fast 5G sub-6Ghz connectivity. It also has its own dedicated MediaTek Network Processing Unit and up to 10Gbps Ethernet speeds. It is powered by a quad-core Cortex-A55 unit, a sub-6GHz transceiver, a GNSS receiver, and PMICs. The main chipset is also equipped with a Wi-Fi offload engine that allows for channeling between 5G cellular or Wi-Fi without the involvement of the CPU itself.

The T830 can be paired with the Filogic 380 connectivity chip, another recently-released Wi-Fi chip from MediaTek that offers a very fast dual-band Wi-Fi 7 speed as well as 5G FWA.

Expect that future smartphones armed with MediaTek chipsets would also come with this new connectivity chip that also supports up to two 5G SIM cards. In terms of peripheral connectivity, the T830 supports up to 3 PCIe controllers, USB 3.2 ports, up to two 10Gbe USXGMII interfaces, and RJ11 phone lines.