The Nothing Phone (1) is reported to have some tinting issues

That’s not good for a first-time phone

The Nothing Phone (1) made its debut this month. In a welcoming surprise, the phone did get some nice tinting, albeit it’s green and it’s located on the screen. One would expect this at the back.

The Indian retail unit of the Nothing Phone (1) is reported to suffer some screen problems, including dead pixels and green tinting. Furthermore, the users that have replaced their Nothing Phone (1) also suffered the same problems.

It seems to appear that it’s mostly Indian users who are experiencing this problem. Nothing told Android Authority that this tinting issue isn’t unique to the Nothing Phone (1) alone and that this happens to every OLED screens when they have too low brightness. They are working on a fix which will come as a software update. We’re hoping this isn’t a hardware issue as that is a huge problem for Nothing as a starter company. Not a good sign.

Since the Nothing Phone (1) has just been released, this may be a special case, as reviewers outside of India did not experience any discrepancies when they reviewed the unit. It is still important to keep it in check so the problem does not spread any further.

Source: Android Authority