Spotify will now let you sing through their app!

Sing like you’ve never sung before!

Spotify Karaoke fanmade rendition by us, TechnophilePH

Thanks to a discovery by TikTok user Lyramoon, you too can now sing your heart out on Spotify. Let your friends hear the moment of your embarrassing or star-studded voice like they’ve never heard of it before!

Spotify officially launches “Karaoke Mode” today. Because this feature has just been rolled out, it may only be available in certain regions. This is essentially an add-on to the song lyrics feature, but this time, an instrumental version would be played and then you can follow along for you to sing. Here’s how you can access it (if it’s available).

Karaoke Mode enabled, courtesy of

First, select the song you wish to listen to and then scroll down to the lyrics. Next, you simply tap on the “Sing” button to start singing. This would open up a different lyrics screen with the song’s vocals silenced. The new lyrics screen will highlight the lyrics for you to follow, just like a real karaoke machine! The app will even judge and score your singing. And since this is done via the app, you can do it alone where no one can hear your terrible singing voice.

Based on feedback from users, the app recognizes your voice 90% of the time, so you can assure that it is accurate and in sync most of the time. Some Filipino users showed enthusiasm for this new feature, one even tweeted that “this song [Bakit Pa] would blow up in numbers this August”.

The best part? This feature does not require a user to go premium! It’s amazing for a jolly good time or if you needed entertainment with your friends, or simply just a time to waste. If you wanted to try out this new feature, be sure to keep your app updated. While Spotify did not state when it would arrive or where, thanks to the amazing hype it got, it may launch in about a few days so there’s no need for you to worry or be impatient when it would launch.

Although this is new in Spotify, it’s not actually a new thing for smartphones. There are a number of karaoke apps available for both Apple and Android devices. One of the most popular ones is Smule which functions the same.

Go ahead and get singing! We might be out here trying it ourselves too.

Source: Yahoo, PhilStar Life