Into the VIVERSE! HTC to launch a phone based on the concept of the “metaverse”

Is this the long-awaited HTC comeback?

HTC is a company that went from TITAN to tiny. It’s a company that once dominated the Android smartphone market thanks to several innovations such as the first Android phone mass-produced, and creating the first-ever Android skin. Their failure was due to their failed marketing, expensive pricing, and indirectly, the Snapdragon 801 chipset which was known to have heating problems.

The company made a series of efforts to come back, such as creating a transparent phone and hyping up the quite underwhelming Wildfire budget and midrange phones. These efforts proved fruitless. What they do have in their strength is Virtual Reality. This is due to the successful HTC Vive VR goggles that were manufactured in partnership with Valve.

HTC is again making a huge announcement. HTC knows that their main strength now is virtual reality and because of that, they too are bandwagoning with every company obsessed with creating the metaverse. So much so that Facebook’s public company has renamed itself “Meta”.

The announcement revolves around a phone focusing on the metaverse. Based on recent rumors, the phone would have integration with VR and AR, similar to the now-canceled project Google Tango. The phone was supposed to launch back in April but was delayed due to supply issues. One known integration is with the HTC Vive Flow VR headset. Other than that, we don’t know what it is, what are its specs, or what it even looks like.

HTC will reveal that during the event which is launching on 28th June. We’re always happy to hear about HTC’s long-overdue comeback.

Source: HTC, GSMArena