Osom showed more teasers for its OV1 privacy phone.

They are really hyping this up, OSOM!

Osom is a company you may not have heard of but they are a company spun-off from the defunct Essential company created by Android’s creator, Andy Rubin. However, unlike Essential, Osom has nothing to do with Rubin but the people working for Essential do.

The company geared itself to being “privacy-first” and has shown it in numerous teasers, and they’re also planning to sell you a cable with a built-in switch that lets you toggle between charging-only or data-only.

The image seen on Twitter shows the aforementioned data cable with a built-in switch as well as the front of the phone which was never seen on previous teasers. Here the phone appears to have a thick chin bezel but also cutting out the side bezels. Another thing of note here is the pre-built apps that might be seen once the phone officially launches. It has Brave — a privacy-focused browser as well as Signal which replaced the default Google messages app. The camera icon has been replaced too with an icon with a picture of the phone’s rear cameras.

According to previous teasers, the phone will launch with an improved version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, most likely produced by TSMC this time. It will also have Sony cameras at the back and will be using premium materials similar to the one the Essential Phone used. In particular, stainless steel frame, ceramic back, and Corning Gorilla Victus glass casing for its cameras. The company said the phone will cost under $1000

Stay tuned as we post more teasers for the phone that will 100% not arrive in the Philippines!

Source: Twitter