Germany: Xiaomi phones do not censor and filter content

This counteracts Lithuania’s claim that Xiaomi does have censorship features.

Last September, Lithuania has accused several Chinese manufacturers, most notably, Xiaomi, of including censorship functions that filter certain keywords and content that may be deemed inappropriate for the Chinese government. Today, a German cybersecurity group, BSI, has refuted this claim.

The BSI started an examination following Lithuania’s claims. Some words like “Free Tibet”, “Taiwan Independence”, and “Democracy Movement” have said to have been censored on some Xiaomi phones. However, BSI failed to find any discrepancies when they tested several Xiaomi phones.

“As a result, the BSI was unable to identify any anomalies that would require further investigation or other measures,” the BSI spokesperson said.

Lithuania and Xiaomi are yet to respond to Germany’s examination.

Source: Reuters