Of course, a smartphone without a camera exists

But still kept the notch for some reason

Smartphones with keypads exist, there are also phones that are not even phones called the “NoPhone”. There are times where the industry would create something wacky, and the V80s is one of the examples.

It is a typical budget phone with a few deviators, mainly the lack of any sort of cameras. Although it has a notch, which we find hilarious. It’s not needed. This phone should have been a full-screen phone instead, but oh well Benco decided to go with an unnecessary waterdrop notch. It would look weirder if it is a punch-hole so we’re giving them a little bit of credit.

The reason for the lack of cameras is that the phone is highly focused on privacy. The phone also apparently lacks GPS services so you will never be tracked via location. Other than these two peculiar features, the phone is a budget phone all throughout.

It has a 6.5in. HD+ IPS LCD screen and is equipped with the 1.6GHz UNISOC SC9863A processor paired with either 3 or 4GB RAM and either 32 or 64GB internal storage. There’s also a zero camera setup, composed of a 0mp main + 0mp depth + 0mp macro camera. Located on the waterdrop notch is the invisible 0mp front camera, which is a huge innovation on their part. Props to Benco for bringing this new tech to light.

As mentioned earlier, there are no GPS services but because Benco is an Arabia-based telecoms service, there would still be 4G LTE services, slightly defeating the purpose of an all-privacy smartphone. It boots with Android 11 by default and comes with a 5000mAh battery. There’s also a rear fingerprint scanner with a 0.3s scanning speed, as claimed by the company.

The Price and Availability are not fully disclosed but according to its website, it should be available in the Middle East as well as Saudi Arabia. This is a telecom-exclusive device so we are not expecting an international release either.


  • 6.5in. HD+ (1600X720px) IPS LCD
  • 1.6GHz UNISOC SC9863A (28nm), Octa-core
  • CAMERAS: None
    • FRONT: 0mp (none)
  • 5000mAh
  • Android 11
  • Rear Fingerprint Scanner, no GPS Services, 4G LTE services
  • Blue, Greenish Silver

Source: Benco