The Huawei P50 Pocket and the P50 Pro ARE CONFIRMED to arrive in the Philippines via VIP Preview!

Flagships with 4G-only services. Is this a deal-breaker to you?

Huawei’s first clamshell folding phone is set to arrive in the Philippines as confirmed by exclusive VIP Previews. This exclusive preview will be held until 29th January.

Due to the alarming numbers of COVID-19 confirmations and a stricter policy on protocols, the company would be following strict rules and regulations when one wishes to see the preview venues in person

Preview Event Venues and Details

During the event, the company will provide sneak peeks about the capabilities of the P50 Pro and Pocket, especially for their cameras. The event is live every FRIDAY AND SATURDAY until 29th January, as mentioned earlier.

Oh, users who will join the event could win exciting gifts and freebies amounting to Php2,000, including a FREE Wireless Table Charging Lamp for the FIRST 40 PARTICIPANTS who will arrive at their stores. To register and know more information. Please click this link.

Stay safe, fellow technophiles!