Four Poco X4 phones have been revealed. May be launched early next year

Ahh it’s just Xiaomi just doing their normal monthly refresh. It has been a tactic for the longest time

Poco X3 Pro, the current release of the Poco X series

The Poco X3 series received positive responses from the Xiaomi community and the series had good sales numbers, so it’s pretty much obvious a successor is heading its way.

According to 91mobiles, a blog known for discussing phones released in India as well as discussing rumours and leaks stated that there would be, appropriately, four phones in the series: The base Poco X4, the Poco X4 NFC, X4 Pro, and X4 GT. The first one is headed for an international release while the NFC is headed for an India-only release. There are also rumors that the base Poco X4 and the NFC are rebranded Redmi Note 11 Pro.

The other two, the X4 Pro and GT, like their predecessors, are performance-focused. Meant for gamers who are on a strict budget but also wanted something in the lines of “flagship killer”. The X4 GT is headed internationally, excluding India while the X4 Pro is in development and is headed to both India and internationally.

As there are no other reliable information to what the phones may be, their release might be slated for early 2022. As always, we’ll be making new articles if new or official information ever comes out. We expect these to arrive in the Philippines as well.

For now, take the rumours with some pinches of salt.

Source: 91mobiles