Netflix-themed Noche Buena baskets are coming your way starting 25th November!

Why did we only find out about this now?

It’s that time of the year again, a season of giving, a season of celebrating. Netflix is giving away FREE Noche Buena for your family and friends to enjoy during the Christmas season. This promo was first announced last November 25 (sadly, we only found about it quite recently, thanks to a colleague from Androidist), a month before Christmas. These Noche Buenas have a theme based on the biggest Netflix shows and movies (both locally and internationally) released within the year. There are also different exclusivities depending on your location.

Here is the list of Noche Buenas (lit. “evening of goodness” in Spanish) that were being given away

Gganbu Noche Buena Basket based on SQUID GAME

(From November 25-26)

When we’re talking about the biggest hits on Netflix, we couldn’t forget about Squid Game. It held the title for a long while until it was beaten by Riot’s Arcane, a show based on League of Legends.

The Gganbu Noche Buena baskets contain the Younghee doll, a custom-made face mask, Honeycomb, Marbles, Bento Box, Ramyun, Squid Chips, and others that are based on Korean meals and cuisine. For Metro Manila residents, users would get the Red Bean Bun while provincial areas would get a Red Bean Cake.

I Louvre Noche Buena Basket based on EMILY FROM PARIS

(From November 27-28)

While we aren’t too familiar with Emily in Paris, based on the basket, it appears to be a romantic series. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the synopsis for this TV series is “A young American woman from the Midwest is hired by a marketing firm in Paris to provide them with an American perspective on things.” It was also classified as a comedy-drama rather than romance.

The contents of this basket appears to based on French confectioneries like Moscato, French Roast Coffee, and Truffle Sauce. There are also three different items for both Metro Manila and Provincial Area users. Provincial users would get Canned Ham, Pound Cake Mix, and Sugar Cookies while Metro Manila users get a Baguette, Croissant, and Salami

Merry Christmas (as a Friend) Noche Buena Basket based on MY AMANDA

(From Dec 1-2)

My Amanda is a Philippine-made romantic film and hit no.2 locally hence the reason why it was included. The film was written and directed by Alessandra de Rossi and also stars her and Piolo Pascual.

This set appears to be the most “regular” and “typical” one seen for Noche Buenas. It includes snacks and a Beer Bundle (ahh if you’re legal to drink, please do it in moderation). For Metro Manila residents, the basket includes a Holiday Ham and for provincial areas, Canned Ham.

Bili Ciao Noche Buena Basket based on MONEY HEIST

(From Dec 3-4)

The name of the Noche Buena basket came from the series’ adaptation of the Italian folk song Bella Ciao, which tells the story of workers protesting about the harsh working conditions of Northern Italy back in the 19th century. It’s also a play on the word “Bili” which means “buy” in Filipino. Although, the series originated in Spain with the local name “La Casa De Papel” or literally, “The House of Paper”.

As the series revolves around Spain, the theme of the basket revolves around Spanish Cousin including a Churros Mix, Sangria, and Spanish Sardines. Metro Manila users would be receiving Holiday Cold Cuts and Provincial areas would get Luncheon Meat

Bentesingko Noche Buena Basket based on TRESE

(From December 5-6)

The basket is themed after the hit mystery-thriller Filipino animated series “Trese”, or “thirteen” in Spanish. The thriller is based on Filipino folklore and revolves around Alexandra Trese, a protector of humanity from supernatural beings located in the underworld. The series was based on the comic series of the same name.

The Cuisine is based on confectioneries and cuisine found in the show which includes a Choco-Peanut Bar, Tree Ornaments, and Instant Diniguan. Metro manila users would get the classic Holiday Ham while Provincial users would get canned ham

Most Wanted Noche Buena Basket based on RED NOTICE

(From Dec 5-6)

Red Notice is an action-comedy film. It stars Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. It became the most-viewed film on its debut weekend on Netflix as well as the most-watched film within 28 days after its release. Although, it does not hold up to critics (having 35% on Rotten Tomatoes).

The theme of this basket is the color red or anything in between. This includes Spaghetti, Hot Sauce, and Tomato Sauce. There’s also Gin for good measure. For Metro Manila users, they will get Salami while Provincial users would get Luncheon Meat like the previous iterations.


The promo runs from 1:00-6:00 pm daily up until December 6. After this time, the website would be closed and you can’t order anymore. These goodies run from the dates mentioned above and if you miss it, it’s over and you can’t pre-register for the theme you want. Delivery starts on 13th December and you cannot resell them. 150 baskets are available for pre-orders each day although only one basket is given per home address and mobile number.

To see the full mechanics and register, please visit the Netflix Noche Buena website.

Enjoy your free meals and Merry Christmas!