Oppo may be working on its first foldable phone

Foldable phones are soon going to be the norm for flagships. Samsung is already spearheading it.

Oppo is a company that is large enough to develop its own R&D facilities. It’s also probably the biggest brand BBK has on its arm, or for short, it’s the main flagship brand that the parent company relies on. In addition to that, the company used to own both Realme and OnePlus, and their large R&D is one of the primary reasons why OnePlus is planning to merge with them.

Because of those reasons, there are rumors stating that the company is developing its own foldable phone. This foldable phone has been anticipated since the start of 2021. While it didn’t debut during the first half of the year, there are still hopes that it will launch before the year ends. It’s already November, late November even. So if it’s not launching within next week, it’s probably due for December, which is next month.

According to the leakster, the tablet would have an 8in. LTPO screen, SD888, and 50mp camera

The tablet/phone would have a large LTPO 8in. screen unfolded with a 120Hz refresh rate with a screen manufactured by Samsung. It will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which is pretty much obvious (even though the SD898/SD 8 gen 1 is coming). It’s unknown why Oppo won’t go for the SD898 considering that it’s anticipated that the chipset would be official by December.

The foldable won’t be cheap according to the leakster, although that’s pretty much anticipated. Not many details are given, we don’t even have the details to its software and hinge mechanism, though it’s likely that Oppo is already working on how to make the hinge mechanism work better than previously released foldable phones from other companies.

In terms of camera, the phone would come with a 32mp selfie snapper and a 50mp main snapper. We don’t have details yet regarding how many cameras the phone would have, nor do we have details for its smaller folded screen. It’s safe to assume that it’s both going to be a sort of softened AMOLED glass.

As these are rumors, take them with a pinch of salt. Rumors do give us a general idea of a future device that may or may not be released. We just have to wait until things are official

Source: Weibo (in Chinese) via GizmoChina