Canalys: Realme retains to be the number 1 smartphone brand in the Philippines

Marketing is strong in this one

Realme GT Master Edition, one of the company’s newest releases.

With a staggering amount of products ranging from phones to AIoT devices to even general-use products, it’s no surprise why Realme retained its no.1 spot in the Philippines. Oh, also because they have a very aggressive marketing strategy that can shake off other brands.

Realme has posted on their Facebook congratulating their position for the third quarter. This report was based off Canalys, which has a list of the top 5 performing smartphone companies.

Top 5 performing companies, courtesy of Revu

According to a report from Revu, the top 5 performing smartphone companies include Realme, Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Vivo. In that particular order. As seen on the graph above, while retaining the no.1 position, Realme did lose 21% of its annual growth. During the third quarter, the company accumulated 26% of the total market share.

What’s brilliant to see here is that Oppo has jumped three places. Formerly on the fifth spot, it’s now on second and is the only one on this list with positive growth, by 21%. The company gained 19% of the total market share in the Philippines. One of the probable reasons for this sudden jump is due to its very aggressive marketing, like Realme; as well as the release of new devices in the A-series, such as the A95 and the new Reno lineup such as the Reno 6 and the Reno 6Z.

Samsung is in third place and its growth has once again declined. The company’s growth has declined to a massive 35% but despite that, it took 16% of the total market share.

Realme has released the Realme GT Master Edition as well as the affordable 5G handset the Realme 8 5G. In addition to its smartphones, the company is also expanding in selling other products including AIoT products like robot vacuum cleaners and smart light bulbs as well as accessories like TWS earbuds, finger gloves, and even a smartphone cooling fan.

Source: Revu