The Pixel 6 series would be live on 19th October!

Pixel-perfect photography! We expect a lot especially about that Tensor SoC.

Material You design language will debut on the Pixel 6 series

After a long series of speculation and wild guessing, Google finally gave a proper release date for the Pixel 6 series which are hyped thanks to its new Material You Android 12 design, amazing camera software as well as its Tensor processor which performs on par with the Exynos 2200 (that SoC would have ray tracing thanks to a partnership with AMD).

As expected, the phone would launch this autumn, 10am Pacific Time (or 20th October, 1:00am Philippines Time) so better stay awake during that time. Google said that the event would be pre-recorded so in case you miss it, you can rewatch it anytime, but we suggest you don’t miss it.

To recall, there would be two phones in the series: The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The latter would have three cameras while the former will only have two. It will use a custom-built Google Tensor processor that was made in collaboration with Samsung. The phone will have a 120Hz AMOLED panel with an under-display fingerprint scanner. As flagships, there would be fast charging and during the launch of the phones, Google will also announce a wireless charger stand. The phones will run a pure fresh stock Android 12 with support for multiple major and security updates.

Let’s wait for official pricing. Reports say the phones would start at $600-700, which is likely. You can also read about the Pixel 6 series here.

Source: Google