COMELEC extends the voting registration from October 11 to October 30th

If you aren’t registered, then this is another opportunity for you to do it.

Image Courtesy of: Yugatech

While the original voting registration ends at September 30, COMELEC has decided to reopen the registration again from 11th October until the 30th. So if you haven’t registered, this is an opportunity for you. The next national election is coming next year and your vote matters for the development of the Philippines. Of course, the next set of politicians should also perform their duties in their respective roles.

The announcement came from COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez on Twitter. He said that registration will reopen on 11th October until 30th October from 8am to 5pm. Overseas voters also have the opportunity to register if they haven’t. Extension starts immediately for overseas registrants.

To register, you can go to COMELEC’s portal for online registration (iRehistro). Applies to both overseas and local registrants. Remember today will be the last day until the reopening on 11th October.