Pay to Win title Pokemon Unite is now available for Android and iOS devices

A MOBA with Pokemon and a pure gambling system? Well, why shouldn’t we profit off gullible children?

Pokemon Unite, a MOBA game developed by the Chinese devil, is now available for iOS and Android devices. It was previously only available to the Nintendo Switch, and has been co-developed with the Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Unite trailer.

Notable for its inclusion of multiple Pokemon from different generations, as well as alleged Pay to Win monetisation schemes (that includes, but not limited to: levelling up your characters through the use of real money, instead of a normal MOBA where you constantly level up in-game, per game, and an unfair character statistics to paying players versus those who play for free), the game takes place on Aeos Island, a mysterious island located on the ocean’s unexplored frontier. The gameplay is as follows:

The game, as mentioned, takes place on Aeos Island in which ten Pokemon, five for each team, will battle it out in a mode called “Unite Battles” which is handled by the game’s “Unite Battle Committee”. Aeos energy can be used to evolve Pokemon during these Unite Battles. Progress can be saved by logging or joining through the Pokemon Trainer Club or by creating a Nintendo Account.

The game will constantly get updated of course, which should include gameplay changes, UI changes as well as the addition of multiple Pokemon from different generations.

Experience true gambling by clicking on this link for Android devices, or if you’re somehow wealthy enough to afford the latest iPhone, please click this link for the App Store directory.

Source: Yugatech, Pokemon UNITE