Xiaomi 11T series to get three years worth of major Android updates; and four years worth of security updates

It seems like Xiaomi wanted to go more economical this time

Xiaomi has announced that their upcoming Mi phones, the Mi 11T series, will be getting three years worth of major upgrades and four years worth of security updates. A stunning move for a company like Xiaomi.

The company is probably going economical to help it hold and secure its top spot. According to Xiaomi, this move will ” enjoy a better user experience, and longer-term data security”. Other devices aren’t affected by this change.

This level of support is already higher than their flagship phone the Mi 11 Ultra, only coming in at two years worth of major updates. Though they did not announce how frequent these updates would arrive over-the-air.

In related news, Germany has been demanding that manufacturers, including Apple, should give their phones (regardless of category) at least seven years worth of updates. This move by Xiaomi is a step in the right direction and we hope they continue this practice for future handsets to come. Not just on flagships but also on midrangers and budgets as well.

Source: Mi Blog, 9to5google