The Realme Pad, Realme 8i and 8s just launched in India!

Another set of filler phones… and BBK’s first tablet

Realme has been keeping the flame light up for the upcoming Realme 8s 5G and Realme 8i 5G. In teasers, they are touted as the first phones with Helio G96 and Dimensity 810 respectively. The Realme Pad was also presented in this launch event, along with audio accessories. Oh, the Realme 9 was also teased here.

Realme 8i

The Realme 8i is basically a gimped version of the Realme 8. This is odd, as the “i” series is usually a nerfed or downgraded version of the base device. It is the first phone with a Helio G96 processor, a stumped version of the Helio G95.

It comes with a 6.6in. 120Hz IPS LCD with FHD+ resolution. Realme claims that this is the only phone right now that comes with a 120Hz display at its price range. It is rare to see a high refresh rate down here, considering that even some of the highest midrangers only have 90Hz.

It comes with BBK’s Virtual RAM feature called Dynamic RAM that takes up some of your storage in order to turn it into RAM, this can be expanded by up to 11GB. For biometrics, it has a Side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

The cameras are the typical cameras for a midrange phone: a 50mp main camera coupled with a 2mp macro and black and white sensor, used for making bokeh effects and help in separating the background. The Realme 8i does not have an ultrawide camera. For selfies, a standard 16mp camera is used.

It has a typical 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging. Not the fastest rate Realme gave but it’s better than having no fast charging at all.

The phone comes in two colours: Space Black and Space Purple. The phone supports UFS 2.2 storage as well as LPDDR4X RAM. Below are the price conversions:

  • 4/64: INR 13,999 (~Php 9.5K)
  • 6/128: INR 15,999 (~Php 10.9K)

Let’s wait until Realme Philippines makes an announcement and have official prices, if they are bringing the Realme 8i to the country that is.

Realme 8s

The Realme 8s 5G is an updated version of the Realme 8 5G, coming with the world’s first Dimensity 810 5G processor.

Like the Realme 8 5G, this phone uses a 6.5in 90Hz FHD+ IPS LCD screen. The camera is still the usual, although this uses a 64mp camera instead of a 48mp main one. The other two include a 2mp depth and macro sensor. Again, no ultrawide cameras. We consider this more of a single cam than a triple cam. And just like the rest of the Realme 8 family, this also comes with a Dynamic RAM feature that extends your RAM virtually by up to 13GB

It has a standard 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charging. For biometrics, it has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner that also functions as a power button

The Realme 8s supports UFS 2.2 storage and LPDDR4X RAM. It comes in two colours: Universe Blue and Universe Purple. Below are the price conversions to Php:

  • 6/128: INR 17,999 (~Php 12.2K)
  • 8/128: INR 19,999 (~Php 13.6K)

Again, let’s wait for official announcements for Philippine prices.

Realme Pad

The highlight of this entire launch, as the other two felt like a filler, and to be honest, the launch would be over in just 10-15 minutes if the Realme 8s 5G and the 8i weren’t included.

Anyway, the Realme Pad is part of Realme’s “1+5+T” strategy. An environment strategy that focuses on personal and lifestyle AIoT products, smartphones and computers. This is the last major product announced for said strategy, so the rest are just updates to the older products or accessories.

The Realme Pad comes with a 10.4in. WUXGA+ (2000×1200 px) IPS LCD. Unfortunately, unlike what the leaks said, and the actual confirmation, the live version of the Realme Pad does not come with an AMOLED panel, clearly for cost-cutting reasons, along with a focus on the budget segment.

It comes with a fairly sized 7100mAh battery. According to testing made by Realme, the tablet should last 65 days on standby as well as 12h of YouTube. In addition, the tablet uses 18W fast charging and supports reverse charging as well, so you can use the tablet to charge your other phones.

While the tablet is intended for budget users, at least it has some class, coming with a metallic build instead of a plastic build. The tablet is also lightweight and thin, with a weight of just 440g and a thickness of just 6.9mm

The rumours turned out to be true, as it indeed uses a Mediatek Helio G80 processor for the tablet to perform. It also uses a modified version of RealmeUI intended for tablets. In addition, the tablet has access to Google Kids Space, an educational tool for toddlers and young children.

The tablet is oriented horizontally and comes with clear 8mp front and rear cameras. The front camera has 105° Field of View and supports dual-mic noise cancellation, as the tablet is intended for work and online class use

The Realme Pad comes in two colours: Real Grey and Real Gold. Below are the direct INR to PHP conversions:

  • 3/32 (Wi-Fi only): INR 13,999 (~Php 9.5K)
  • 3/32 (LTE + Wi-Fi): INR 15,999 (~Php 10.9K)
  • 4/64 (LTE + Wi-Fi): INR 17,999 (~Php 12.2K)

As you can see, this tablet is no iPad Pro nor Mi Pad 5 competitor. It is targeted towards budget users who just want a quality tablet without breaking the bank, mainly for work and school use. Hopefully, Realme brings the tablet here as the Philippines really needs the tablet market back, especially with the crisis going on today.

Source: Realme Launch Event (has ended)