The Cherry Mobile S10 Pro is about to be released, here are some rumoured spec sheets!

The specs are attractive for the price. Very aggressive move Cherry!

The Gionee M15 is the basis of the upcoming Cherry Aqua S10 Pro

Cherry Mobile has revealed the name of their next device called the S10 Pro. While the company have not released any spec sheets other than a quad camera setup and a new unlocking system, there have been rumoured specs floating online.

The phone already revealed a dot notch camera, but that’s all that has been revealed . The phone also has a rumoured Mediatek Helio G90 chipset, which provides similar performance to the G90T, except that this SoC has 2GHz clock speed instead of 2.05GHz. Other rumoured specs include 10W wireless charging and either 30W or 18W fast charging, which is a rare thing to see on budget phones.

The phone sports four cameras. The main sensor is a 48mp Samsung GM1 sensor and comes along three auxiliaries: a 5mp ultrawide and two particularly useless 2mp depth and macro sensors. There may also be a 16mp selfie camera housed in the dot notch.

As for the display, a 6.5in. FHD+ display is rumoured. It does not have a high refresh rate announced so assume that the phone will only come with a 60Hz standard refresh rate. There is also 6GB RAM along with 128GB storage as the default configuration.

In retrospect, the phone is a rebadged BLU G91 Pro which in turn is a rebadged Gionee M15. However, Cherry can modify the phone a bit to cater to their customer’s needs along with pricing. For instance, the Gionee M15 does not have wireless charging and only has 18W fast charging. The phone is mainly intended for gamers, in spite of what the teaser said.

As these are rumoured specs, take this with a grain of salt. However, we believe that this spec sheet is pretty close to what the actual device is going to be. Remember that, even if Cherry Mobile is an ODM that imports from other manufacturers, they can still change a small amount of hardware spec sheet. They can also add their own Android skin, such as the CherryOS seen on older models.