Lithuania builds a portal that connects to other cities

Looks like a portal, but it’s just another video conferencing site

One of the “Portals” located in Lithuania

When the pandemic first hit, people were planning a lot of ways to talk to their friends and family members. When in doubt, there’s always a way, and the geniuses back at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania have created a “portal” that connects to different neighboring cities around and inside the country. The portal is designed to mimic those found in Sci-Fi movies.

Well, other than the design and construction, the portal is merely just a video-connecting hub for other cities. The portal has a large circular screen and cameras that allow it to broadcast different cities in real-time. One demonstration showed the portal connecting from Vilnius to Lublin, Poland. A city located 600km away. According to the creators of the portal, they want to “rethink the meaning of unity”.

The team took around five years developing the portal and they are planning to build more of these in different cities in the future. The project is officially called “Portal Cities”. In their website, netizens are also encouraged to suggest in which part of the world would they like to see a “portal” opened as well as share ideas for the future of the project.

To view the Portals and the team behind it, go to the Portal Cities website.

Source: TheVerge Travel and Leisure