Canalys: Realme is the top-performing brand in the Philippines, followed by Vivo and Xiaomi

Quite a strange figure, but okay.

The Realme 8 series

Canalys has recently released their report about the top performing smartphone companies for the Philippine market. In the list, the top 5 are: Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung and then finally Oppo. From careful observation, one will notice that all but OnePlus are BBK brands, this excludes Samsung and Xiaomi.

Canalys Estimates in terms of smartphone shipments

As seen from the graph above, Realme has a total smartphone share of 26% and a yearly growth of 51%. Interestingly, only Realme and Xiaomi have positive report on growth while the other brands dropped. Xiaomi, once again, has an unbelievably enormous growth despite only having 15% of the total smartphone share in the country. This may also include their sub-brands POCO and Redmi, as well as their AIoT appliances. Subsequently, Xiaomi has also defeated Samsung to become the world’s largest and best-selling smartphone maker in the world, according to Counterpoint.

While Samsung did not have a drop in position in contrast to the previous year, in the list, Samsung has the largest decline in growth with a decline of 33%. This may be attributed for their expensive handsets in the budget line, or that they aren’t Xiaomi where they just churn out device after device every week or so.

We speculate that due to extremely strong marketing by BBK brands, Realme and fellow brands Oppo and Vivo remained on top of the list. With salespeople aggressively trying to coerce you into buying handsets, it’s no surprise why they are still at the top.

Source: Revu, YugaTech