Cherry Mobile teases a new phone! Hints a quad camera setup and possibly a new unlocking technique

Could it be the Aqua S10 with 5G that we have been waiting for?

Cherry Mobile is a local ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) that manufactures handsets for Filipinos. They are known for their budget offerings, and sometimes, phones with high specs at low cost. Recently, the company has been improving their phones’ quality and has seen improvements on the hardware side of things.

Recently, Cherry has released a teaser trailer for an upcoming smartphone with a slogan of “UnlockYourPotential. The trailer also shows what appears to be text, and that pattern-like text is similar to the one used on the Aqua S9 series. So let’s dive deeper onto the trailer.

On the first few seconds of the trailer, you can see a letter resembling a letter “S”. Meaning this phone may be the Aqua S10 series that is the successor of the previous S9. The font is similar too. The background has a pinkish gradient which could suggest a colour that this new phone will come to.

The next part shows “Unlocking Soon 2021” and then it cuts through a frame revealing the quad camera setup. Hints of an ultrawide and a high resolution back camera is entirely possible. The camera setup reminds us of the Reno 5 series, albeit the fourth camera is at the middle. The useless 2mp depth and macro camera is also entirely possible.

Because of its slogan and the fact that the teaser says “Unlocking Soon 2021”, this new phone would possibly introduce a new unlocking method that is the first for the company. Cherry Mobile is no stranger to OLED/AMOLED displays as they have released a phone with such a display before. One example of this is the Aqua Flare 5 with a 5in. AMOLED. So maybe they are going back to this with the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint.

The phone teased in this trailer may be the highest-end Aqua S10 (let’s call it “Aqua S10 Max” for now) and not the base variant. The phone would likely be priced similar to the Aqua S9 series. A 5G version of the Aqua S10 powered by Mediatek Dimensity is highly expected.

Nothing else is announced, but the phone should be released sometime this August, as many other phones are.

If the phone comes out, are you willing to purchase one? Let us know in the comments.