YouTube is testing out a more affordable subscription for YouTube Premium

One word: Vance

YouTube Premium is the subscription-based option for YouTube that removes ads, allows for downloading of videos (which used to be free), allows you to listen to music outside of the app, along with ad-free listening, and finally, lets you do a P-I-P version of the video you’re watching. This subscription is constantly being nagged at users when they use the mobile app.

The video-sharing platform is soon offering a more affordable option for YouTube Premium called “YouTube Premium Lite”. This lower-tier version also removes ads… and that’s about it. You can’t listen to music outside of YouTube or use P-I-P features.

This version of YouTube Premium is rolling out first in Europe. In the European Union, this subscription costs about EUR6.99 per month (~Php 400). On the other hand, the regular version of YouTube costs EUR11.99 (~Php 700)

This plan offers only a single benefit, that is, being ad-free while using the app, and it costs only 60% less than the original. YouTube said this offer is “experimental” and there would be adjustments based on user feedback (if they even listen)

For those who want a free version of YouTube Premium, YouTube Vanced is the way to go. It offers nearly all of YouTube Premium’s offers without the expensive price tag. It also does not need rooting to install. However, it’s only available on Android as an APK file. You can download YouTube Vanced through this link.

Source: The Verge