Huawei may start manufacturing new chipsets in Wuhan starting next year

The Kirin 9000 is Huawei’s latest flagship chip

Huawei has been making set plans to offset US sanctions. As Huawei has been barred from working with American and European companies, including ARM, Google and Qualcomm, the company has to halt their chipset production as their Kirin chipsets are based on an ARM architecture.

A new report shows that Huawei will be building a new factory in China, particularly in Wuhan. Yes, the same place COVID-19 originated from. Digitimes reported that this same factory will be used to produce optical communications chips and modules to gain self-sufficiency and create microcircuit designs. The report also said that new chipsets may start production next year.

Huawei has invested CNY 1.8 billion (~USD 300 million) and has employed over 10,000 R&D personnel that focuses on optical communication modules, HiSilicon chipsets and laser radars. Reports also claim that this Wuhan-based factory is the only factory capable of making optical DSP chipsets.

If all goes according to plan, then Huawei will start manufacturing chipsets again without relying on western companies. We just have to wait for Huawei for confirmation. If it is confirmed, then we may see these new chipsets in future handsets. No, it doesn’t come with COVID-19 inside.

Source: MySmartPrice