The InBook X1 Pro is Infinix’ first laptop. It would first launch in Egypt, Indonesia, and Nigeria

When Realme announced the Realme Book, that was unexpected of us. Now, when Infinix launched their own laptop, now that is quite unbelievable.

The Infinix InBook X1 Pro seems to be focusing on the budget market while still looking premium. The laptop is offered in four colours that are inspired by nature: Noble Red, Elegant Black, Starfall Gray and Elves Green. According to Infinix, these colours pay homage to Norwegian landscapes. The laptop can fold 180° for maximum viewing angles. For a budget laptop, it’s surprising to see 65W Type-C charging included. This also comes with 55Wh lasting for up to 13h battery life.

The InBook X1 Pro comes with an Intel processor (although, there is no dedicated Graphics Card), up to Intel Core i7-1065G7 with Iris XE graphics, possibly the “U” variant since it’s a budget laptop. There is also an Intel Core i3-1005G1 and Intel Core i5-1035G1 variants. The laptop also has multiple ports like HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and even two USB-C ports, one for charging and the other for fast data transfer. It also supports WiFi-6 and “InSync Screen Projection” which allows you to mirror your Infinix phone’s screen to the laptop, as well as seamlessly synchronize your files from your phone to your laptop all through Infinix’ proprietary software. The laptop would start at $530 (~25.3K php) and would start selling first in Nigeria, Egypt, and Indonesia.

The laptop is equipped with a Full HD display measuring 14in. Infinix has not announced other size variants like 15.6in. The laptop is also lightweight, weighing only 1.48kg and is fairly thin with a thickness of 16.3mm. The laptop is built on an aluminium finish so, while remaining budget, still feels premium and sturdy in the hands.

We don’t know how’s the sound going to be like in practice but Infinix said that the laptop has DTS audio included for the InBook X1 Pro, for a “truly immersive sound”.

The laptop has its own cooling system called “ICE STORM”. Although we are doubtful about the cooling mechanism of it, it’s still pretty nice they have included it, but still feels like a gimmick. According to Infinix, the laptop is using “military-grade” air ducts. Which we all know is just clever marketing. Anything “military-grade” on a budget-friendly price is automatically a red flag for us.

Users who purchased the laptop will be provided with a free trial of Windows 365 that lets them access almost all of Microsoft’s Office Suite. However, as it is subscription-based, users would have to pay for their next subscription after the free trial ends.

As mentioned earlier, the laptop would start at $530 (~25.3K php) and will be live first in three countries: Nigeria, Indonesia and Egypt. Availability will be around this month of June

Source: Windows Central via Infinix Mobility