Soon, you’ll be able to react to Tweets.

Twitter is working on a reactions feature that is a copy similar to Facebook’s react. This info comes from researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who also revealed Twitter’s subscription service called “Blue”.

The reactions seen include “Like”, “Cheer”, “Hmm” , “Sad” and “Haha”. Four of these reacts are available on Facebook, which are all except the “Hmm” react. Interestingly, the “angry” react is nowhere to be seen. Would have been perfect though, as Twitter is full of salty users.

Also one thing to note is that the “Cheer” and “Sad” share the same icon as the “Like” react. Take note that these reacts are still under development and these may be placeholders, before the final iteration of it can be released.

This feature is also being worked one for several weeks now. And not just that, Twitter has been expanding on a features spree lately, these include the “Spaces” audio-only chat, “Blue” subscription service and now these reacts. Twitter is really taking their platform much more seriously now.

Source: 9to5Mac via Twitter