OnePlus backed out of the Android 12 Beta

OnePlus is one of handful of companies who are participating in the Android 12 Beta program. However, due to a serious bricking issue, the company decided to back out.

The company announced this on their forum that it would be pulling out of the Android 12 Beta based on “customer feedback”

Many OnePlus 9 users are complaining of bricked devices when they tried to update to Android 12. In particular, users could not move beyond the “copy data” page, even if they opted not to copy their data. Others tried rebooting the phone and this resulted in a bootloop. Some users even used drastic measures such as the forced reboot (vol down + power) but this also is futile.

Android Police has posted a fix for this issue. According to them, the issue occurs if the phone has its bootloader locked. So, before updating, users have to be sure to have their bootloaders unlocked first.

Similarly, XDA Developers has also posted a fix which include unbricking tools and firmware flashing.

To be safe, do not update your OnePlus 9 to Android 12, especially if it’s the only phone you’re using.