Oppo unveils the Oppo K9 alongside a smart television

The Oppo K9 event was an exciting one. Though it is in Chinese so we were not able to watch it.

Aside from that, it revealed two projects Oppo had. These include the Oppo K9 and the K9 smart TV, both of which are not named after guard dogs surprisingly.

The Oppo K9 is a 5G-powered smartphone, powered by a Snapdragon 768G processor, a 6.43in. Samsung E4 AMOLED display with FHD+ resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. It also has a 4300mAh battery with 65W fast charging.

For the camera, there is a triple camera system with a 64mp main sensor. The other two are an 8mp Ultrawide and a 2mp macro. There is also a headphone jack and surround sound audio.

The phone comes in two colours: a black with a large imprint of the K9 logo and slogan, in a similar fashion to the Realme 8, and a pinkish-whitish gradient, but without the logo this time.

For the price and storage, the 8/128 version of the Oppo K9 5G starts at CNY1999 (~14.8K php) and CNY2199 (~16.3K php) for 8/256. There is no other RAM options announced. The phone will be available starting 11th May in China, but there is no word about it being sold internationally.

Oppo K9 Smart TV

OPPO Smart TV K9 Series Featured 01

Another product announced during the live event is a smart TV. Oppo used to manufacture Blu-ray players before moving on to smartphones so it’s not too surprising for them to make a television as well.

There are three sizes, however not all of them have the same features, which we will discuss down later. The three sizes are 43in, 55in, and 65in. Let’s discuss the three’s similarities first.

All three have a LED-backlight LCD panel, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG support, which means all three support 10-bit colour for more accurate and vivid colours. Another similarity is that all three come with 2GB RAM and ColorOS TV 2.0. All three also support Bluetooth 5.1 and dual-band WiFi. All three have the following ports: 1x DTMB, 1x Coaxial audio port, 2x USB 2.0 and 1x Ethernet port. All three also have Bluetooth voice and NFC-enabled remote control for Oppo’s Voice assistant: Xiaobu. These TVs also support Dolby Audio.

Let’s discuss their differences now.

The 43in. has a FHD (1920×1080) 60Hz display, 230 nits of brightness and is powered by a Mediatek MT9632 chipset. Also, unlike the other two sizes, the 43in. only has 8GB storage. There is also an RCA port on the 43in. TV. Unlike the 65in. version, the 43in only comes with three HDMI 2.0 ports. This size also only comes with dual 10W speakers

The 55in. supports 4K video and has a 4K (3840×2160) pixel resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate 1.07 billion colours, 300 nits brightness and low blue light mode. Unlike the smaller variant, this TV can decode HDR10+ content. Like the 43in version, this TV is powered by a Mediatek MT9632 chipset with 16GB storage. The 55in. version also has an AV port instead of an RCA port, and also has three HDMI 2.0 ports. The dual speakers on this one is also louder, at 15W each. Lastly, this 55in. TV supports a 1080p webcam external accessory.

The 65in version is not too different from the 55in. but there are still some differences. Like the 55in. this TV also has a 4K resolution that can decode HDR10+ content. The display is synonymous to the 55in. version.

This bigger TV also uses the all new MT9652 chipset also coming in at 16GB storage. Also, the HDMI ports for this one is slightly updated, coming with three HDMI 2.1 ports. Like the 55in. TV, the 65in. size comes with two 15W speakers with support for Dolby Audio. Like the 55in. version, this size also supports an external FHD webcam accessory.

TV Prices:

The following are the prices for each Smart TV:

  • 43in. CNY1999 (~14.8K php)
  • 55in. CNY2799 (~20.7K php)
  • 65in. CNY3999 (~30K php)

These three TVs will be available in China on 11th May and will have a special discount during their debut. The 43in. size will be temporarily priced at CNY1799 (~13.3K php), the 55in. size will be priced at CNY1999 (~14.8K php) and the 65in. size will be priced at CNY3299 (~24.5K php). We don’t expect an international release yet, unlike the Realme TV nor the Xiaomi TVs

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