Huawei is losing the smartphone market race

That ban really hit hard the company didn’t it? According to market researcher Strategy Analytics, Huawei lost the top crown and didn’t even make it to the top 5 in Q1 smartphone sales.

©Strategy Analytics

As you can see by this chart, Huawei is gone from the top position. In early 2020, they were the largest phone maker by smartphone shares, now Samsung and Apple are back at their places and Xiaomi replaced Huawei as the top contender (which is why they are now going very aggressively, from IoT to smart electric cars). In Q1 2021 there were a total of 340 million units shipped worldwide, accounting for 24% total market share. BBK electronics hold the fourth and fifth positions respectively, and it seems that the top smartphone makers are all Chinese, with the exception of the first two.

Huawei also recently sold off Honor. Honor now independently operates, and could potentially use GMS (Google Mobile Services) once more. Huawei’s blacklisting include the sale of their 5G infrastructure, smartphones and their total ban of working with American companies (and its allies). This means Huawei has to rely alone, yes this also includes their Kirin chipsets.

We hope to see Huawei bounce back on the market, maybe not as the top smartphone company, but to see it again in the top 5, is swell.

Source: BusinessWire