A cargo filled with Vivo Y20 units caught fire in a Hong Kong-based airport

A Vivo phone, particularly the Vivo Y20 has reportedly burst to flames in a Hong Kong-based airport, leading to reports saying that all Vivo units are temporarily banned by Hong Kong Airlines.


The cargo fire occurred just before the phones were loaded into a Hong Kong Airlines cargo plane that is bound for Thailand. Luckily, this happened before the phones were being loaded or else the event might even be more catastrophic.

The items burned around 5:08AM Hong Kong Standard Time, 12th April 2021. Because of this, the flight of the plane, with flight number RH331 had been delayed to 6:25am.

According to Airport officials, nobody got hurt during this incident and also adding that the operations of the airport had not been affected. Vivo is aware of the issue and is working with officials to fix the issue.

The underlying issue and root cause have not been found yet, but it is speculated that it might be caused by the lithium battery that have combusted due to excessive heat

Source: The Standard