Samsung reportedly to buy displays from LG for its OLED TVs


According to South Korean news outlets Seoul Economic Daily and ETNews, Samsung will purchase new OLED TV displays from its rival LG. LG and Samsung have reportedly agreed with the deal, with Samsung buying at least one million displays from LG in the second half of the year, which would then accumulate to 4 million next year. If the report is true (and more likely it is), then this is the first time a big chaebol is buying from its rival for displays. As many professionals say, LG makes top-tier displays in the world.

The purchase of the displays may be a move by Samsung to shift away from LCD displays and instead focus on OLED technology.

LG supplies their OLED Display tech to many other companies, including HiSense, Sony and Vizio, and LG has announced that it will expand its OLED production lines and, according to market researcher Trendforce, LG’s manufacturing capacity is further increasing this Q2.

Meanwhile, TheElec, a South Korean news company, said Samsung has been working on what’s called “Quantum Dot” OLED display, but has been rejected by Samsung Electronics because the display cannot provide satisfying enough brightness. However, another prototype will be presented within this month.

Sources: ETNews (in Korean), TheVerge, TheElec