Samsung iGalaxy: Samsung’s iTest turns your iPhone into a Galaxy Device

iTest homepage

Samsung and Apple had long rivalries when it comes to their smartphone businesses. Samsung made a lot of ads poking fun of Apple only for them to resorting to a thing Apple did, like removing the charger from the box for example, as well as poking fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack and then subsequently removing it themselves. It seems like Samsung is not done bullying Apple just yet. Apple and Samsung also fought and sued each other for patents, with critics calling it a “patent war”

On Samsung’s New Zealand website, they initiated a new feature called “iTest” that prompts iPhone users to install a web app to their home screen. Once installed, the user will now experience a simulated version of OneUI, which also includes the Galaxy Store, ability to install themes and much more. The app is basically an Android skin on iPhones.

Taken from: MacRumors, Settings app

The app also has customised applications like the settings, which was taken from a real Galaxy device, with a little bit of humor. When you open the settings, it will say that the experience was simplified so that their “developers could have a launch break”.

The app was created to let iPhone users experience OneUI, the UI of Samsung devices today. Initially rolled out for Kiwis, anyone can install the app just by scanning the QR Code on their website

Source: MacRumors