The next Google Pixel phone might be powered by a Samsung-made chipset

Google Pixel 5, powered by Snapdragon 765G chipset

According to 9to5Google, the next Google Pixel phone may use a custom chipset. In the past, up until the Google Pixel 5 series, it opted to use Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, but it seems Google is taking a different route.

This new chipset, codenamed GS101 Whitechapel, it was announced by Google CEO Sindar Pichai that they are working on investing more on their hardware, and there is a “terrific roadmap ahead” suggesting that Google may be making their own chipset.

This new Whitechapel chipset, according to Google, has been created in collaboration with Samsung. Samsung is the developer of the Exynos series of mobile SoCs found on many Samsung phones and some Meizu phones, like the Meizu 15 Plus.

It is reported that Google phones with Whitechapel chipsets would debut early this year, and Google may not implement and release Snapdragon-based phones this year.

This particular chipset is expected to power the upcoming Pixel 6 and possibly, its more budget-friendly variant.

Source: 9to5Google