Newton Golf Shafts Introduces a Weekly Motion Driver Performance Pool Program for PGA TOUR Champions Players


CAMARILLO, CA, May 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sacks Parente Golf Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPGC) (“SPG” or the “Company”), a technology forward golf company with a growing portfolio of golf products, including putters, golf shafts, golf grips, and other related accessories, announces the launch of a Weekly Performance Pool program for players on the PGA TOUR Champions using Newton Motion driver shafts.

The incentive program offers the opportunity for players on the PGA TOUR Champions to compete for prize money based on their individual performance with the Newton Motion shaft in their driver at any given tournament. Unlike traditional prize structures, participants will only compete against others within the pool, enhancing the excitement and camaraderie among players swinging a Newton Motion driver shaft.

“We started the program because of the positive feedback we have been getting and the building curiosity among the players,” said SPG Executive Chairman Greg Campbell. “It started with staff player Ken Duke using it, and then the word about the proprietary technology in the shaft began to spread among other players. Additionally, with Doug Barron’s recent major championship victory with the shaft has further proven its impact, and we wanted to provide other PGA TOUR Champions players with the opportunity to experience the same benefits.”

Participation in the Weekly Performance Pool is open to any player on the PGA TOUR Champions, regardless of their status. To qualify, players first notify the Company of their intent to participate in the program via a simple agreement. Then, they are confirmed to be using the Newton Motion driver shafts via Darrell Survey, the golf industry’s leading independent and impartial arbiter of equipment usage. To be eligible for the Weekly Performance Pool, players must play the Newton Golf Motion shaft in their driver exclusively for all competitive rounds in a given tournament event to be eligible for the Weekly Performance Pool.

Payouts will be distributed based on performance against other players in the program. In addition to the weekly payouts, Newton Golf Shafts will reward any participating player who wins an event outright with a significant bonus, as well as the first-place weekly payout. This bonus will be doubled for a PGA TOUR Champions Major Championship win, providing further incentive for players.

To date, eight (8) players are participating in the program, including:

  • Doug Barron
  • Clark Dennis
  • Ken Duke
  • Fred Funk
  • Tim Petrovic
  • Wes Short
  • Duffy Waldorf
  • Colin Montgomerie

The Newton Golf Shaft is rapidly making its mark on the PGA TOUR Champions, and more players are expected to join the Weekly Performance Pool program, where they will experience Newton’s four key technologies: Elongated Bend Profile; Kinetic Storage Construction, Newton Symmetry360 Design, and a Variable Bend profile.

The Newton Motion shafts are available at

About Sacks Parente Golf Company, Inc.

Sacks Parente Golf Company, Inc. serves as the parent entity of technology-forward golf companies that help golfers elevate their game. With a growing portfolio of golf products, including putters, golf shafts, golf grips, and other golf-related accessories, the Company’s innovative accomplishments include: the First Vernier Acuity putter, patented Ultra-Low Balance Point (ULBP) putter technology, weight-forward Center-of-Gravity (CG) design, and pioneering ultra-light carbon fiber putter shafts.

In consideration of its growth opportunities in golf shaft technologies, the Company expanded its manufacturing business in April of 2022 to develop the advanced Newton brand of premium golf shafts by opening a new shaft manufacturing facility in St. Joseph, MO. It is the Company’s intent to manufacture and assemble substantially all products in the United States, while also expanding into golf apparel and other golf-related product lines to enhance its growth.

The Company’s future expansions may include broadening its offerings through mergers, acquisitions or internal developments of product lines that are complementary to its premium brand. The Company currently sells its products through resellers, the Company’s websites, Club Champion retail stores, and distributors in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. For more information, please visit the Company’s websites at or @sacksparentegolf @newtonshafts

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