CoinW’s Trading Competition Onboards 200K+ New Crypto Enthusiasts During the Bull Run


Dubai, UAE, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Welcoming the bull run with a trading competition has become a popular strategy for both cryptocurrency exchanges and investors. CoinW’s month-long spring trading competition proved to be a significant market liquidity booster, achieving a total trading volume of $200 billion USDT and onboarding over 200,000 new traders.

Trading competitions have become an annual highlight for CoinW, offering users a chance to elevate their portfolios regardless of market conditions. This year, CoinW offered an impressive $1 million in rewards. Of this, $600,000 was allocated for futures trading, while $200,000 was set aside for spot trading. 

To further encourage participation and attract new traders, a $200,000 prize pool was dedicated to card collectors. Participants could easily redeem Pirlo cards through activities such as registration and deposits. Statistics show that this eclectic prize pool generated significant interest, with over 80,000 completed tasks.
“Bull runs are undoubtedly an ideal time to onboard new crypto enthusiasts,” said Sonia Shaw, President of CoinW. “The market has seen several exciting waves. Memecoins have been exceptionally profitable this year, and Runes has played a pivotal role in the spot arena. Many breakthroughs are brewing and emerging during this bull run, and as a leading centralized exchange, we recognize our role in contributing to market liquidity.”

The spring trading competition is not the end of this year’s trading festivities. With UEFA EURO 2024 approaching, CoinW is once again offering $1 million USDT to drive traffic and elevate the game, aiming to expand the boundaries of crypto.

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