GAINS Associates Strengthens Ecosystem with Strategic Addition of Three Industry-Leading Advisors


Dubai, UAE, May 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GAINS Associates, a pioneer in decentralized venture capital, is thrilled to announce the strategic addition of three new advisors to its robust ecosystem. These appointments come at a crucial time as GAINS continues to push the boundaries of decentralized finance and expand its global influence. The new advisors, Walid Benothman, Evan Luthra, and Jonathan Faye, bring a wealth of experience and expertise that will undoubtedly fortify GAINS Associates' market position and help spearhead innovative developments.

Industry Expertise: A Closer Look at the New Advisors

Walid Benothman - With an impressive background as the Head of Growth and Institutional Head at 1inch, Walid Benothman is renowned for his innovative approach in the blockchain industry. His previous tenure at Curv and his pivotal role in integrating cryptocurrencies within traditional financial systems through compliance security tokenization are of great value to GAINS Associates.

Evan Luthra - A prominent figure in the tech and blockchain circles, Evan has consistently been recognized for his visionary approach, including his notable recognition in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. His entrepreneurial spirit and extensive network will significantly enhance GAINS Associates' visibility and strategic planning.

Jonathan Faye- With a decade-long career at ODDO BHF, transitioning from a legal expert to the Global Head of Open Innovation, Jonathan’s experience in M&A, Private Equity/VC, and blockchain technology will provide GAINS Associates with unparalleled strategic direction and innovation capabilities.

Impact and Future Prospects

The integration of these three advisors is set to bring a fresh perspective and drive significant advancements in GAINS Associates’ operational strategies. Each advisor brings a unique set of skills and experiences that are complementary to the existing frameworks at GAINS. This strategic enhancement is not just about adding names to a roster but about integrating global expertise that can navigate the complexities of the rapidly evolving crypto market.

These new additions are expected to bolster GAINS Associates’ efforts in identifying and investing in the crypto unicorns of tomorrow. Moreover, their extensive networks and industry insights will provide GAINS with a competitive edge in capturing emerging opportunities in blockchain and beyond.

GAINS Associates is poised to set new standards in decentralized venture capital by leveraging the vast experiences of its advisors to foster growth and innovation. The collective aim is to break down barriers to investment and make it accessible to a broader audience, embodying the very essence of blockchain’s inclusivity.

About GAINS Associates

GAINS stands for Group Action Is Never Small, a philosophy that reflects the collaborative spirit of the blockchain community. GAINS Associates allows anyone who stakes $GAINS to invest in the most promising ventures in the crypto space. 

With over six years of operational experience and several high-return deals such as Avalanche, Quant Network, and others, GAINS Associates is dedicated to democratizing investment opportunities and providing daily news, articles, video interviews, and educational events to keep its community informed and engaged. Additionally, GAINS Associates operates two platforms: GAINS Private, which is designed for seed and private sales opportunities, and its launchpad named GainsPad, tailored for public token sales and IDO opportunities for investors.

This strategic enhancement marks a significant milestone in GAINS Associates' journey towards transforming the landscape of decentralized finance and investment. With these powerful additions to their advisory board, GAINS is more equipped than ever to lead the charge in innovation and investment excellence in the blockchain sphere.

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