Fusion Fuel Cycle Expert Christian Day Joins Kyoto Fusioneering


- Former KIT leader to accelerate Fuel Cycle Development -

TOKYO, May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kyoto Fusioneering (KF) is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Christian Day to our team. Dr. Day, a renowned expert in fusion fuel cycles, previously served as the Head of the Vacuum Department at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, and led the fuel cycle activities for the European DEMO team. KF will leverage Dr. Day's outstanding knowledge and experience to accelerate the development of its fusion fuel cycle systems, which are indispensable core technologies for commercial fusion energy plants.

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In addition, KF announces the establishment of a subsidiary, Kyoto Fusioneering Europe GmbH (‘KFEU’), as its European base.

A fusion fuel cycle system that provides a stable and safe fuel supply to the core is essential for fusion plants. The majority of the world's fusion energy reactors utilize the deuterium-tritium (DT) fusion reaction, and these fusion fuel cycle systems consist of technologies to exhaust, separate and circulate hydrogen isotope gases through the core.

KF possesses world-leading expertise in this critical technology area and the fusion fuel cycle is one of the pillars of its business. The company partners with KIT and the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory (CNL), front-runners in tritium handling and fusion fuel cycle, to spearhead innovation as industry leaders in this field. KF has also co-founded Fusion Fuel Cycle Inc. with CNL to build UNITY-2, the world's first demonstration facility for integrated fuel cycle systems. This joint venture aims to make the facility and technical components as well as outcomes globally accessible.

With Dr. Day's addition, KF will further strengthen its capabilities and will be at the forefront of fusion energy realization.

The newly established KFEU in Germany will serve as a hub for technological development and business expansion in Europe. KF has signed a cross-sector R&D partnership agreement with KIT, a leading German research institution in fusion. Germany is home to the Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) experimental stellarator and has strong fusion activity led by private companies. Germany’s prowess in reactor engineering, robust industrial supply chains, and its ability to develop and procure the equipment necessary for the establishment of fusion fuel cycle systems make it an ideal location for KF’s hub in Europe.

In collaboration with Kyoto Fusioneering UK Ltd., KFEU will advance KF’s global technological and commercial endeavours as a key R&D base.

Co-founder and CEO of Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd, Satoshi Konishi, commented:
"We are delighted to welcome Christian, a world-class expert, to our team of experienced professionals from diverse industries.

"With his deep insights into tritium input and pump efficiency that he has developed as head of the vacuum division, as well as handling of tritium, which is at the heart of the fusion fuel cycle system, we expect KFEU to drive significant advancements in our fuel cycle technology development efforts."

Senior Vice President, Head of Fuel Cycle designate, Christian Day, commented:
"I am very proud that by joining Kyoto Fusioneering, I am able to contribute my part to make fusion happen. For me, this important step is the natural culmination of three decades of pioneering preparatory R&D work done on the academic side. But the best is yet to come. The new subsidiary in Europe, KFEU, will become a technology hub in the area of the tritium fuel cycle to foster the transition towards commercialization and to establish the supply chain for the key components necessary to operate any fusion power plant."

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Overview of Kyoto Fusioneering EU
Company name: Kyoto Fusioneering Europe GmbH
Representative: Christian Day
Date of establishment: February 2024
Start of operation date: July 2024 (scheduled)
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
*This is the third subsidiary to be established outside Japan, following the UK and the US.
*The US, UK and European subsidiaries are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company.

About Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd
Kyoto Fusioneering is a privately funded fusion energy engineering company founded in 2019 building on decades of fusion research at Kyoto University. Uniquely dedicated to tackling advanced fusion engineering challenges, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as gyrotron systems, tritium fuel cycles, breeding blankets, and hydrogen isotope transfer pumps. Collaborating globally with fusion innovators, both private and public, and focusing on critical-path technologies, we strive to deliver the promise of fusion. Headquartered in Tokyo, with a presence in the UK, the U.S., and the EU and an in-house Kyoto R&D centre, we bring unmatched expertise and diverse solutions to the global fusion ecosystem. Explore more about KF’s vision for the future of energy at or by contacting

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