Arrow Markets IDO Sells Out on Polkastarter and Avalaunch, Bringing Robinhood-Like Options Trading to DeFi


Road Town, British Virgin Islands, May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Arrow Markets, a hybrid crypto options platform designed for exceptional user experience (UX), achieved a major milestone with their $ARROW token IDO on Avalaunch and Polkastarter, selling out in the first 65 minutes, highlighting strong community interest. To expand accessibility, an IDO on Gate will follow, allowing more participants to join.   

The crypto derivatives market has witnessed phenomenal growth, surging to a monthly volume of $1.33 trillion in 2023. Arrow Markets is bringing down barriers in DeFi options trading with its user-friendly platform, catering to both seasoned traders and those new to the world of options. Unlike traditional crypto trading platforms that can be intimidating, Arrow prioritizes user experience with an intuitive UI/UX and their Request for Execution (RFE) system further enhances the experience by ensuring competitive pricing and liquidity. The platform offers a dedicated portfolio page where users can track and manage their trades with ease, providing performance metrics, insightful analytics, and a holistic view of all options activity, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Arrow offers a solution for every skill level across the investor network with its innovative workflows. Lite mode empowers beginners and intermediate traders by simplifying complex options strategies with an Options Recommender System, meaning the users can execute their market views with just one click. The Pro mode enables experienced users to leverage the familiar "option-chain" view, allowing for side-by-side comparisons and the building of advanced strategies. This mode also facilitates the execution of multi-legged strategies and multiple orders within a single transaction. In addition, Arrow’s testnet environment enables users to practice options trading in a safe space before deploying real capital. 

The $ARROW token, the lifeblood of the Arrow ecosystem, unlocks various functionalities on the platform. Staking is the primary utility, allowing users to earn rewards by depositing $ARROW tokens. Additionally, Arrow envisions future uses for $ARROW, such as protocol governance, margin and option writing insurance, and discounted platform fees.  

Arrow partnered with Polkastarter, the leading decentralized launchpad to facilitate their IDO. This collaboration gives Arrow access to a global audience of enthusiastic DeFi supporters.

Arrow Markets has achieved significant milestones in recent months:

  • Secured $4 million in Series-A funding led by Framework and Blizzard, building upon their successful Summer Seed Raise.
  • Gathered a passionate community exceeding 46K followers on X-Twitter, 41K members on Discord, and 16K on Telegram.
  • Over 28K users with connected social accounts signed up for the V2 Waitlist, demonstrating immense user interest.
  • Thousands of participants engaged in testnet campaigns and waitlist "boosts" initiatives.
  • Successfully conducted multiple testnet trading competitions with over 5,000 participants vying for over $15,000 in prizes.
  • Initiated internal testing of the Arrow V2 Mainnet with select early adopters.

Keep an eye on Arrow's official channels for information on the IDO Allowlist opening. Don't miss this opportunity to join the Arrow Markets revolution and experience options trading in a whole new way!

About Arrow Markets

Arrow Markets is a hybrid web3 options platform built for user experience (UX). Their mission is to democratize options trading by offering an intuitive and accessible platform for all levels of experience. Find out more at and follow the token launch on You can learn more about the IDO by listening to Spaces here.  

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is the leading decentralized protocol for launching new blockchain and digital asset projects. Their curation process connects promising projects with a global community of investors. Find out more at



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