Will AI Make Leaders Obsolete? AIIR Teams Up with Microsoft and Wharton to Consider the Implications



WHO: AIIR® Consulting, a global coaching and leadership development firm
WHAT: Will present the webinar, “Will AI Make Leaders Obsolete?” featuring
experts from Microsoft Education and the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative.
WHEN: Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. ET
WHERE: For more information, including registration, visit

As AI continues to gain momentum, studies have found that these technologies have the power to replace 45 million workers by 2030, many in advanced fields like education, medicine and law. This rapid acceleration presents new challenges and opportunities, particularly around the skills leaders need to survive and thrive going forward.

During this webinar, Megan Marshall, Chief Customer Officer at AIIR Consulting, will join Michael Jabbour, Chief Innovation Officer at Microsoft Education, and Michael Platt, Director of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative, to consider the future of leadership in the age of AI. Through their discussion, the panelists will look at where AI capabilities are approaching those of human leaders, examine those that algorithms cannot replicate and unpack the leadership skills that will be essential in an AI-dominated landscape. Session attendees will hear insights from the fields of technology, business leadership and neuroscience and get answers to their most pressing questions.

To register for this thought-provoking webinar, visit

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