Soil, an Innovative Defi Platform for Corporate Loans, Wins Third Place in the Pitch Contest at The Next Block Expo in Berlin


Warsaw, Poland, Dec. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Soil, an organization specializing in an innovative, self-balancing DeFi 2.0 protocol that aims to build a bridge between borrowers who are mainly traditional businesses and lenders (crypto holders) finished third in the pitch competition at the NBX conference in Berlin on November 23rd and 24th. They were also awarded $30,000 for their hard work and valuable contribution to the space which will be used towards the development and enhancement of the platform. 

Soil aims to enable direct crypto loans between market participants by combining a crypto loan protocol with a corporate debt marketplace. The main focus of Soil is to bring the power of the trillion-dollar corporate debt market to blockchain and De-Fi. The crypto lending feature aims to provide lenders with stable and competitive yields powered and secured by cash flows generated by businesses representing various sectors operating outside the blockchain industry. 

‘We are thrilled to have finished third in the pitch competition at the NBX conference. Regardless of what is going on in the market, we are proud to say that our product thrived during the conference and drew the attention of many potential investors. At Soil we are constantly innovating to provide an easy path for crypto projects and traditional economy companies to get easy and flexible access to crypto financing’ said Jakub Bojan, CEO of Soil. 

Soil has a seasoned investment team with over $1b in transaction experience in Private Debt. Within the past year, Soil has secured some top-notch partnerships such as Mount, which is a leading private debt fund in the CEE region. The project believes that contracting cash flows to repay loans and interest to a scalable, sustainable, and crypto economic-cycle proof business model working in the cash world will enable them to provide programmed fixed yield in variable market circumstances. 

Soil’s native token- “SOIL” with an economically reasonable in-build floor price mechanism will capture the protocol’s scale velocity and give its holders unique protocol usability. 
About Soil: 

Soil, a Polish start-up founded in 2021, is building a liaison between borrowers (traditional businesses) and lenders (crypto holders). They are building a debt marketplace where established businesses of various industries may raise funds by applying for loans provided by stablecoin holders. 

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